Sample Programs For Developers

Oracle TimesTen and the Application-Tier Database Cache products (TimesTen database from here on) offer developers a number of database interfaces for application development. The interfaces are grouped into three categories depending on your programming language preference.


For Java developers, you can work with the TimesTen database via:


For C developers, your API choices include:


For C++ developers, the easiest way to program against the TimesTen database is to use the TimesTen TTClasses interface, a C++ library shipped with the product. All of the TimesTen C APIs via the ODBC interface are also available for the C++ programs using TTClasses.

See the TTClasses Sample Programs section for more information.


For .NET developers, the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) is a native ADO.NET data access driver for the TimesTen database.

See the ODP.NET Developer Sample Program section for more information.


For PL/SQL developers, a number of sample scripts and procedures are provided to show how to use PL/SQL with the TimesTen database. PL/SQL packages, procedures, and functions can be invoked from any of the above supported interfaces, JDBC, ODBC, OCI, Pro*C, ODP.NET and TTClasses (C++).

See the PL/SQL Sample Procedures section for more information.