Configuring Java EE Application Servers

Oracle TimesTen and Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache (TimesTen Cache) can be used in the application tier to improve application response time, resulting in better throughput overall. You can configure your Java EE application server to provide TimesTen connections or connection pools to your J2EE applications.

TimesTen provides step by step tutorials to help you quickly configure your Java EE application server to work with TimesTen. The following J2EE application servers and ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) frameworks are supported:

You can view or download the tutorials linked below:
Configuring Oracle TimesTen 11.2.2 for J2EE Application Servers and Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks

TimesTen Quick Start Guide also provides a sample Java EE application in the SAMPLE PROGRAMS section. You can follow the step by step instructions to configure, compile and run the sample application with the supported Java EE Application Servers, or ORM frameworks such as Hibernate, EclipseLink and OpenJPA.