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Interface ORADataFactory

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public interface ORADataFactory
extends oracle.jdbc.internal.ObjectDataFactory

ORAData factory interface.

This interface complements ORAData. It is passed to getORAData() to create customized ORAData objects. The following example shows the typical use of this interface:

  EmpFactory factory = new EmpFactory();
  OracleResultSet rs = ... ;
  Emp m = (Emp) rs.getORAData(column, factory);

This interface is the replacement of the old CustomDatumFactory interface that has been deprecated in the Oracle 9i release.

See Also:
oracle.jdbc.ORAData, oracle.jdbc.PreparedStatement, SQLData

Method Summary
 ORAData create(Datum d, int sqlType)
          Create an ORAData from a oralce.sql.Datum

Method Detail


ORAData create(Datum d,
               int sqlType)
               throws java.sql.SQLException
Create an ORAData from a oralce.sql.Datum

This method creates the customized ORAData from a Datum. Sometimes, it is convenient to have the same class implement both ORAData and ORADataFactory.

d - The Datum to be used to initialize the Object being created.
sqlType - The SQL type of the specified Datum.
an Object that embeds information from d.
java.sql.SQLException - if an error occurred.

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11g Release 2 ("")

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