Working with Web Services

Web services consist of a set of messaging protocols and programming standards that expose business functions over the Internet using open standards. JDeveloper provides powerful tools that help you use web services in your applications.

Topic Title Topic Description
JDeveloper and Web Services This topic provides an introduction to web services in JDeveloper
Web Services Essentials Contains information about web services standards, types of web service, and how to configure JDeveloper to work with web services.
Using Web Services in Applications Describes how to locate an existing web service, and create stubs or proxies to it in order to incorporate it into your application.
Ways to Create Web Services Contains information on how to create and deploy different types of web service using JDeveloper's powerful wizards.
Analyzing Web Services You can analyze web services in a number of ways, for example to check whether they conform to WS-I Basic Profile 1.0, or to investigate the contents of SOAP packets using the TCP packet monitor.

Another way of working with web services is to use one or more web services as business service providers in applications developed using the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF). For more information, see the following topics:



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