[jsr356-experts] Updated Spec: v005: Close to EDR

From: Danny Coward <danny.coward_at_oracle.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 16:44:03 -0700

Hi folks,

I've updated the specification document and API again this week. I'm
still looking for review comments. This week only some smaller changes,
the API tweaks arising from our work on the reference implementation
(see below).

The v005 API is in the source repository, under the v005 branch.

spec document and javadoc here:-


- added to the security chapter in the specification.
- bolstered up some of the javadoc here and there, esp annotations
- added missing constructors on DecodeException
- add WebSocketError annotation, mirroring other lifecycle annotations.

We have had a number of drafts and revisions now, and I think with one
more round of review next week and comment we are almost ready for
Expert Draft review. Many of you will know all about this stage, but the
main point is that it allows us to get review from a wider audience. Not
everything has to be finished, or complete. But I think we have a lot of
our content in place, and with another round of review, it will be in
good enough shape for new readers to give us good feedback on what is there.

We have made the RI project public now: its at
http://java.net/projects/tyrus/ if you want to take a look. Still a work
in progress, but it is tracking the v003 API.


- Danny

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