[jsr356-experts] Re: Updated Spec: v005: Close to EDR

From: Danny Coward <danny.coward_at_oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 12:34:23 -0700

On 9/14/12 5:10 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 09/14/2012 04:44 PM, Danny Coward wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I've updated the specification document and API again this week. I'm
>> still looking for review comments. This week only some smaller
>> changes, the API tweaks arising from our work on the reference
>> implementation (see below).
> There needs to be a Encoder.BinaryStream and Encoder.CharacterStream
> and corresponding Decoders (names can be different of course.)

Thanks Scott.

I guess that would allow the encoders and decoders to be stream-based.
Something like:

  public interface Encoder.CharacterStream<T> extends Encoder {
       public Reader encode(T object) throws EncodeException;

(and analagous for binary encoder & the Decoders) ?

- Danny
> Otherwise, this looks like a good draft to me.
> -- Scott
>> The v005 API is in the source repository, under the v005 branch.
>> http://java.net/projects/websocket-spec/sources
>> spec document and javadoc here:-
>> http://java.net/projects/websocket-spec/downloads/directory/Spec%20javadoc%20Drafts/v005
>> Changes
>> - added to the security chapter in the specification.
>> - bolstered up some of the javadoc here and there, esp annotations
>> - added missing constructors on DecodeException
>> - add WebSocketError annotation, mirroring other lifecycle annotations.
>> We have had a number of drafts and revisions now, and I think with
>> one more round of review next week and comment we are almost ready
>> for Expert Draft review. Many of you will know all about this stage,
>> but the main point is that it allows us to get review from a wider
>> audience. Not everything has to be finished, or complete. But I think
>> we have a lot of our content in place, and with another round of
>> review, it will be in good enough shape for new readers to give us
>> good feedback on what is there.
>> We have made the RI project public now: its at
>> http://java.net/projects/tyrus/ if you want to take a look. Still a
>> work in progress, but it is tracking the v003 API.
>> Cheers,
>> - Danny
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