Suggestion of a change in Wadl2Java class

From: Otávio Calaça Xavier <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 13:08:50 -0300

Hello for all!

I'm a member of a research group associated with the Semantic Web in Brazil.
My research is related to Semantic Web Services using RESTful.

I am developing an implementation for the OWL-S API for RESTful Web
Services. This API interprets some ontologies that semantically describe Web
services. However, the semantic description requires the syntactic
description, in this case provided by WADL.

Thus, I'm using the Java implementation for WADL (Wadl2Java) to interpret
the WADL files. But for this, is not necessary to create Java classes (as
the method "Wadl2Java.process" does). For this I need only the functionality
of the method processDescription.

However, I noticed that the attribute "s2j" is initialized only in the
"process" method (before the method "processDescription" is called). Thus, I
suggest writing the following line in the class constructor:
this.s2j = new SchemaCompilerImpl();

What do you think?

Thank you!

Otávio Calaça Xavier
Research - Requisito Tecnologia and UFG