Re: Updated WADL Spec

From: Norman Gray <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 22:21:29 +0000

Marc, hello.

On 2009 Feb 2, at 22:03, Marc Hadley wrote:

> - The namespace was changed to
> - Resolved issue 13. The status attribute was moved from the
> representation element to the
> response element. The cardinality of the response element was
> changed from 0–1 to 0–many.
> The fault element was removed.

> I haven't updated the wadl2java code to support these changes yet,
> I'll be working on that next. In the meantime I'd be grateful if one
> or more of you could sanity check the updated spec and schemas.

The changed spec looks good to me, and I've successfully implemented
my own XSLT changes to fit the changed schema (so there's no obvious
gotchas there).

The only comment I'd make is that the cross referencing between
<representation> elements uses href and id attributes which are
xsd:anyURI and xsd:token respectively. Though this cross-referencing
was in the background when I initially raised issue 13, it hadn't
registered with me until I tried to implement it, that this isn't an
id/idref relationship.

While I can see some advantage to having the <representation
href='...'/> point to any URI, I'd have thought the main, and much
more common, use-case was providing a cross-reference to another
<representation> in the same document. While this isn't a big deal
(an in-document cross reference can be handled in XSLT by a bit of
extra logic which checks that the href starts with '#'), it is a
little surprising, and I just wanted to flag it, to check it's

Best wishes,


Norman Gray  :
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