2nd try

From: Wilfred Springer <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 13:22:46 +0200

Hmmm, I noticed I was trying to send a message to with
another email address. It probably didn't arrive...

What I was saying is this:

I noticed that, last month, somebody was asking why the Maven plugin
couldn't be downloaded from a repository. This is something that we could
fix easily. AFAICT, all it requires are the steps outlined at

   1. Add the "maven_repository" user to your project as an observer
   2. Install maven-javanet-plugin
   3. will receive a confirmation e-mail
   acknowledging that everything is set up

I would be more than happy to make the changes. However, it requires you
(Mark) to add maven_repository as an observer. Can you do that? I will take
it from there.