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From: Marc Hadley <Marc.Hadley_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 10:16:35 -0500

On Nov 7, 2007, at 2:32 AM, Wilfred Springer wrote:
> I made quite some changes over the last couple of days. Currently,
> this is
> what it looks like:
> ./pom.xml
> ./wadl-core
> ./wadl-ant
> ./wadl-cmdline
> ./wadl-maven-plugin
> ./wadl-dist
> If you are at the top level (in the 'source' directory), you just
> type mvn
> install and everything will be built and tested, including a binary
> distribution, which you can find in wadl-dist/target/. Currently,
> the name
> is I suggest you give it a shot, and
> see if
> there's anything missing the binary distribution. At this stage it
> contains:
Thanks, I'll check it out later this week.

> Regarding a source distribution. I *could* create a source
> distribution as
> well; question is if it would really be required. If you release
> something
> with Maven, Maven will automatically create source jars for all Java
> source
> code, and upload those source jars to the Maven repository as well.
> This
> way, most tools will be able to automatically download the sources
> and make
> them available in your IDE if you are working on a project that for
> instance
> relies on wadl-core, in order to support debugging. (I know this
> works for
> Eclipse, and I think it also works for IntelliJ; I'd be surprised if
> Milos
> didn't include it in his NetBeans support for Maven.) So if more
> support for
> debugging is all you care about, this is all taken care of by Maven.
> If - at the other hand - you want to distribute zip files (or
> tar.gz, bz2)
> containing everything in the repository for a certain version, then
> that
> could be easily done as well. We can discuss the options; comments are
> highly appreciated.
OK, I haven't really got my head round how debugging etc is going to
work with the new build. I need to do some experimentation to see what
works and doesn't.

> There is one other thing that Farrukh suggested, which is to have a
> wadl-spec module that also contains the latest version of the
> specification
> and related schemas. I'm starting to doubt if we really need another
> Maven
> module for that; I could also imagine that we stick those files in a
> subdirectory of the project root (ithe 'source' directory). I do
> however
> agree that it would be a good idea to keep those files *inside* the
> Maven
> project's directory layout. Comments highly appreciated.
What's the benefit of moving the spec from its current location in
subversion - I'm not against doing that just wondering what we gain ?

> BTW: I'm not sure how you authored the specification. Being the XML
> expert
> you are, I do of course expect you to have done it in DocBook. ;-)
Actually its written in LaTeX rather than XML.


> 2007/11/2, Marc Hadley <>:
>> On Nov 1, 2007, at 4:38 PM, Wilfred Springer wrote:
>>> Farrukh and I just discussed how to rearrange the directory
>>> structure a
>>> little to be a little bit more in line with what the rest of the
>>> Maven
>>> community is doing.
>>> This is what we suggest, and what we are planning to do:
>>> The top level directory will contain a couple of of other Maven
>>> modules:
>>> wadl-core:
>>> Core classes and interfaces; everything common to the Ant task
>>> and the
>>> Maven plugin.
>>> wadl-ant:
>>> The Ant task.
>>> wadl-maven-plugin:
>>> The Maven plugin.
>>> wadl-spec:
>>> The specification documents.
>>> wadl-samples:
>>> Examples showing how to use the Ant task and the Maven plugin.
>>> Once all of this is done, we will start to merge stuff back into
>>> the main
>>> trunk.
>> Sounds good. Have you already implemented the task to build the
>> source and binary distributions we discussed earlier ? If so, what
>> command like do I use to generate them, I'd like to start testing the
>> build on Hudson to make sure the transition goes smoothly.
>> Thanks,
>> Marc.
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