Re: Patch

From: Farrukh Najmi <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 21:54:25 -0400

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> Lets use a branch and merge back when the branch is stable.
> Sounds good. Wilfred, I will create the branch and do the initial
> commits later tonight and send an email on where things are at for you
> to resume when you start tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Hi Wilfred,

I have done most of my initial commit for wadl under the branch named

Please look at commit list for details but here is a brief summary:

    * Code has been transformed to be consistent with maven conventions
    * Ant related files have been removed
    * I added a parent pom since it was not included in your original patch
    * wadl2java project builds completely
    * lib dir has been removed. This cuts out a lot of weight
    * localizer related jars are temporarily at ebxmlrr repo until they
      get added to jvnet repo
          o This repo is already included in parent pom for temporary
            use like this
    * groupId has been changed to
          o Packages and imports have been changed to match
    * xml.xsd has been removed and wadl.xsd has been improved to used
      absolute url to xml.xsd and to use catalog resolver to resolve it.
      This may give one trouble if one is not familiar with catalog
      resolvers. Lets keep an eye on this to improve further

Next if you could review what has been done and then do get
wadl2java-maven-plugin to work.
After that we need to fix wadl2java-yahoo to be a sub-module of a new
wadl2java-samples module.

Please ping if you have any questions. I will be online around 8AM ET