[jsr369-experts] ALPN status: Java SE 9 and JDK 8

From: Edward Burns <edward.burns_at_oracle.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2016 10:01:34 -0800

Hello Volunteers,

Here's the latest on the ALPN issue. As we discussed at the 2016-11-01
meeting, work will proceed on two fronts, the Java SE 9 front and the
JDK 8 front.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Vinnie to spearheading this
vitally important work. It goes a long way to help the Java community,
and especially the community of Servlet 4 implementers.

Java SE 9

Just yesterday Vinnie sent this to security-dev:


I'll pass along his appeal here:

VR> Since we are within days of the final integration deadline for
VR> enhancements to JDK 9 any positive feedback that you and others are
VR> comfortable posting to security-dev_at_openjdk.java.net will be helpful
VR> in getting this approved in time.

Note that you can add yourself as a watcher to the JDK issue he
mentioned in that mail. You can also see the source in the WebRev he
mentioned in the mail.


Vinnie assures me the JDK 8 backport API will match the Java SE 9 one.
The latest I have from him is the following:

VR> We're proposing the following setter/getter methods on
VR> javax.net.ssl.SSLEngine

VR> public void setHandshakeApplicationProtocolSelector(
VR> BiFunction<SSLEngine,List<String>,String> selector)

VR> public BiFunction<SSLEngine,List<String>,String>

VR> and javax.net.ssl.SSLSocket:

VR> public void setHandshakeApplicationProtocolSelector(
                     BiFunction<SSLSocket,List<String>,String> selector)

VR> public BiFunction<SSLSocket,List<String>,String>
VR> getHandshakeApplicationProtocolSelector()

We cannot give any commitment on delivery dates for this in JDK 8, but
it will certainly depend on the JDK 8 Update schedule and security team

Thanks for your patience.


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