[jsr369-experts] Re: Calling complete with write pending

From: Stuart Douglas <sdouglas_at_redhat.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 18:37:49 -0500 (EST)

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> From: "Greg Wilkins" <gregw_at_webtide.com>
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> Sent: Friday, 27 November, 2015 10:16:21 AM
> Subject: [jsr369-experts] Calling complete with write pending
> For the complete method we still say:
> "It is legal to call this [complete] method anytime after a call to
> ServletRequest.startAsync() or
> ServletRequest.startAsync(ServletRequest, ServletResponse)
> and before a call to one of the dispatch methods."
> But that text was written before we added the async IO API which has
> introduced the ability to have statefulness like write/read callbacks
> pending.
> So for example if an app has done a write(...), then called isReady(),
> which has returned false, is it still OK to call complete()?

I think it should be legal, although we should discourage it.

If complete() is called then the request should be finished, if we throw an exception instead then the most likely result is a request timeout (as they will likely not call it again).

I think we could also ask a similar question about ServletOutputStream.close(), what happens if they call the close() method when a write is pending? In Undertow we handle this by doing an async flush on any data that remains to be written out (and as our complete() implementation internally closes the stream this handling is the same for complete()).

I think that either way is kind of messy. We should definitively discourage users from doing this, but if they do then IMHO we need to make sure that we actually finish the request, instead of potentially letting it time out.


> Jetty's interpretation is no. a call to complete has an implicit write
> operation (flush buffers and/or send the last chunk). That write cannot be
> done until the pending write is complete. Furthermore, if we do call
> complete when isReady() is false, we are in a race with a potential onError
> callback.
> Thus I think that complete method can only be called in async IO mode if
> the write site isReady() method returns true.
> thoughts?
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