[jsr369-experts] [SERVLET_SPEC-83] ServletContext getInitParameter(), getAttribute() and null values

From: Edward Burns <edward.burns_at_oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 14:13:52 -0700

Hello Volunteers,

Shing-wai had filed this issue a while ago and I needed to make an API
change to test out some CSS for the javadoc. This seemed like a good
way to do two things at once.

From the issue:


In the javadoc of ServletContext#getInitParameter, we have

Returns a String containing the value of the named context-wide
initialization parameter, or null if the parameter does not exist.

What happens when the name parameter is null? Should we throw NPE?

Similar issue for #getAttribute? We would like to have a more
consistence answer for these?


I propose we return the literal string "null" without the quotes in both




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