Support for OSGi Service Platform

From: Tobias Hofer <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 15:18:33 +0200

I'm involved in realizing a JAX-RS implementation for the OSGi Service
Platform. But there are some barriers in the current JAX-RS
Specification that hinders a seamless integration.

One of them is the lack of a root resource service interface. I suggest
to introduce an empty interface named '' or
alike. This interface would allow an OSGi bundle to expose its resources
using the OSGi service registry using interface that is part of the
official API.

A global class path scanning in OSGi is possible, but accessing
instances of classes in bundles that do not explicitly expose them as a
service would break the managed life cycle of bundle components.

I'm sure that JAX-RS and OSGi is a powerful combination with an existing

A second one is not really a barrier but a security issue concerning the
static 'RuntimeDelegate.setInstance(RuntimeDelegate)' method. I
recommend checking for an appropriate permission. This would allow to
limit the invocation of that method to approved code only.

Thanks in advance for considering this issues.

Tobias Hofer