RE: Sketch of updated APIs (was Re: Redirection and creation)

From: Jerome Louvel <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 11:25:16 +0200

Hi Paul,

> > (i) For the performance, I'm sure there would be ways to
> optimize the
> > introspection if necessary to not have to do it for each
> call for example.
> It can. Although to get really good performance requires some rather
> sophisticated stuff with byte code generation, like what JAXB 2.x RI
> does, and it is not easy. The Java type system is there for a
> reason :-)

I'm sure JAXB implementation is pretty complex! I hope we won't have to go
as far (byte code generation) initially :)
> The style used by BlinkSale is very similar to APP (namely CRUD of
> collections/items) and infact the Atom format is an option at
> least for
> getting Invoices. So in this case i would say it is likely that
> ROME/Atom would be used.

I agree, the Atom format is a useful type of representation. For the APP
support, let's consider it right after Blinksale API, as a more advanced

> Once you have done invoice and invoices the pattern sort of
> repeats for
> deliveries/delivery and payments/payment. Below [2] is a
> really rough,
> back of the envelope sketch for Invoices and Invoice resources.

<snip>Blinksale example</snip>

Thanks for sharing this code sample Paul. It's interesting because it really
helps me understand the different ways we approach the same design problem.
I'll try to post my version early next week. We are definitely converging
even if their remain some notable differences.

Best regards,