RE: per-request life cycle <was> Re: Precondition support

From: Jerome Louvel <>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 17:56:01 +0200


> After some mulling over of this you convinced me that a
> per-request life
> cycle is the right thing to concentrate on. EE focused developers may
> find it a bit odd because of servlets and session beans but i
> think it
> makes it easier for developers.

Cool. It's nice to see some consensus here :)

> I believe we can afford a more complex algorithm if it is possible to
> scale out the application according to the RESTful style.
> However, i do think some way to allow a resource to be
> singleton could
> still be useful for specialized/optimal cases as the
> performance gains
> can potentially be substantial. But i do not think this should be the
> primiary case we concentrate on.

Like a Servlet can be marker as synchronized, it should be possible to mark
a Resource as a singleton.

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