[jpa-spec users] JPA_SPEC-115: Add @Repeatable(containerClass.class)

From: Rob Bygrave <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 00:35:55 +1200

*> in order to address adoption of @Repeatable in JPA APIs[1] following is
the complete list of changed annotations:*

What is not in that list is javax.persistence.Index

I realise that Index is currently expected to be used with @Table so
perhaps that takes it out-of-scope for this as it would require some
discussion and agreement.

Most if not all vendors have their own Index annotation which:
- Is Repeatable (with target TYPE and an associated "Indices" container
- Also can target a single property (so also target FIELD & METHOD)

I thought it best to mention it though as to me it is the obvious omission
and in theory does not require much effort to make it "repeatable" (which
to me seems nicer and more expected/intuitive).

Cheers, Rob.