[jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] Ambiguity of Annotations (was Re: JPQL: Sorting on optional references)

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 17:17:09 +0200

Dear all,

Please allow me to untangle that from the point Oliver raised. Potentially
relevant to the overall EE list, too, let's see, what Linda says...?

Looking at the "nullable" attribute some annotations, while the actual
query may not be changed, you can sure contradict the *nullable = true* by
adding a *_at_NotNull*annotation from Bean Validation to it. The two are
legitimate together:

Java 7 and EE7 most likely give you a Runtime Exception, maybe some IDE
warning if it provides JPA support, but the compiler itself is not going to
do much about it.

JSR 308, so far scheduled for Java 8 aims to change that:

Unfortunately, both the Spec Leads of 308 deny any responsibility or
ownership of checker annotations, nor have the architects at Oracle so far
take precautions to avoid a big mess like this

class Person {

  @OneToOne(nullable = true) @NotNull @NonNull @Nullable(true) Address

BeanValidation as of now
Checker Annotations based on JSR 308 as of now (from Java 8)

Given a combination of Java EE 6/7 and JSR 308 this would be perfectly
fine. Most likely the two checkers would cause a compiler error already,
but one alone, let's say @Nullable(true) instead of a sensible integration
with all existing stuff will increase the big mess around these annotations
already present

I probably forgot @Nonnull as of JSR 305 which at the moment polutes the
JDK already, but has no effect. At the very least, instead of having people
stuff in more annotations of all different kinds, either @Nonnull should be
killed with Java 8 and replaced with something else, or it should be used.
Most likely the conflict with BeanValidation (which is primarily used by
JPA) would be unavoidable then.

Sorry to hijack the thread, I hope, at least Linda keeps an eye on that or
plans to do something about it, so that we can avoid annotation chaos we
inherited in other areas, e.g. @Inject vs. other legacy approaches, etc.?

Thoughts, suggestions?

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