[jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] Re: updated spec draft: unsynchronized persistence contexts

From: Emmanuel Bernard <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 15:29:03 +0100

On 29 nov. 2011, at 21:25, Linda DeMichiel wrote:

>> 3.3.1
>> I'd like your opinion on how we treat application managed persistence contexts. According to 3.3.1, we treat them as SYNCHRONIZED all the time. There is no way to make an application-managed persistence context simulate what a container-managed persistence context. This lack of symmetry makes me uneasy in and of itself but also in the perspective of extending this to the SE world.
>> Any reason why we disallow UNSYNCHRONIZED application-managed persistence contexts?
> Not really. Actually, I'd like to hear from the group as to whether we should extend the spec
> in that direction.

Of course I'm +1 for allowing it :)