[jpa-spec users] [jsr338-experts] Re: changes for 7.6.2 Container-managed Transaction-scoped Persistence Context

From: Scott Marlow <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 14:06:59 -0500

Hi Linda,

> Perhaps I am failing to grasp your concern here, but I see the intention
> of the last
> paragraph of section 7.6.2 as specifying the user-visible behavior that
> is required
> to result. Your paragraph above describes a possible implementation
> strategy to
> achieve it, but I don't think the spec needs to include that.

I think that the current 7.6.2 wording "detached at the end of the
method call", is ambiguous about which method call is intended (the
entity manager method invocation or the container level method invocation.)

I think that clarifying it with one of the following changes, would
eliminate the ambiguity.

Updated proposal for last paragraph in 7.6.2:

If the entity manager is invoked outside the scope of a transaction, any
entities loaded from the database will immediately become detached at
the end of the container level method invocation call.