[Jersey] _at_Context/_at_Inject not working on interfaces

From: Trenton D. Adams <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 01:35:32 -0600

I noticed that @Context and @Inject do not work on interfaces. Is that
intentional? It works perfectly if I put the annotations on the member
variables themselves.

I define this on my interface, and it does not get called on the
implementing class.

On the interface I have...

void setServiceUri(@Context UriInfo serviceUri);

void setRequest(@Context HttpServletRequest request);

void setSession(HttpSession session);

On the implementing class I have...

public void setServiceUri(UriInfo serviceUri)
    this.serviceUri = serviceUri;

public void setRequest(HttpServletRequest request)
    this.request = request;

public void setSession(HttpSession session)
    this.session = session;

I set a break point on any of the set methods, and none of them gets called.