[Jersey] Capacity to integrate with Jersey container

From: Patrice Thiebaud <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 22:51:41 +0200


I would highly appreciate if someone could point out a way to locally
integrate with Jersey container without usingHTTP.

My use case is the following:
1. a REST operation exposed by an application A needs to invoke with
transaction propagation an operation exposed by application B
2. on the calling side, a specific connector provider is registered via
JerseyClientBuilder using it's
ClientConfig.connectorProvider(ConnectorProvider) method :
> the connector invokes a method of astateless session bean (EJB)
deployed in application B :
- the method signature comprises parameters among which one is of String
type and is dedicated to an entity if one is present in client request
- client request handling is easy on the calling side
3. each application is therefore an enterprise application, packaged as
an .ear file
4. on the called side, that is to say inside the remote method
implementation, I am wondering how to locally integrate with Jersey
container so that the operation be invoked
> for the time being, I don't know how to handle client request on the
receiving side, but it should be easy if thereis a way to integrate with
Jersey container through Jersey API (2.5.1 version if possible)Jersey
container Jersey container
5. response handling is easy.

In that scenario, what Jersey API class could I use to locally integrate
with Jersey container ?

Thanks in advance.