[Jersey] Re: Unmarshalling JSON into POJO collections

From: cowwoc <>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:23:43 -0400

Same with Jackson, but I think John is looking for a MOXY-specific
solution so this doesn't help him.


On 19/08/2014 5:14 PM, Guy Rouillier wrote:
> We are using JAXB to serialize and deserialize annotated classes.
> Works well with single objects as well as list of objects. Also works
> equally well with XML and JSON.
> On 8/19/2014 2:29 PM, John Brooks wrote:
>> I've been banging around on this some more and coming up with no
>> progress (including posting to StackOverflow
>> <>),
>> so I'm wondering if it's time to come up with a new approach. How do
>> other folks here deserialize JSON into collections?
>> Cheers!
>> John