[Jersey] Re: Adding grammar to the resources

From: Nick Khamis <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 10:08:25 -0400

> I think it is rather that as per JAX-RS (and, I would argue, most all
> frameworks) routing by query parameter is something that should not be
> done. There are many practical reasons for this, including the fact that
> whereas path is hierarchic, and lends itself to relatively easy mapping,
> and state machines, query parameter set is an unordered bag of things. And
> operating on such dynamic, heterogenous data is difficult from otherwise
> static handler.
> So really it's better to leave that to either app developer, or to another
> framework/library/abstraction.

How would leaving it to yet another framework be any different than
having it implemented within jersey. We can push off the separation of
concern to the next guy however, at some point it still needs to be
implemented. Enriched routing algorithm that allows for added grammar,
along with HATEOAS which I believe has a JSR is something that needs
to be ironed out and made clear to developers.

Kind Regards,