[Jersey] Custom InjectionResolver and “A HTTP GET method … should not consume any entity”

From: <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 11:49:42 +0200

Hello guys, I run into a problem when I was trying to implement my own InjectionResolver for my custom annotation. I have asked about it [1] on SO already, but did not receive any answer yet. This is the code [2] that exhibits the problem. The issue is already described in detail in the SO post, but to summarize:
1. When I use the custom annotation in a resource method, I get: "WARNING: The following warnings have been detected: WARNING: A HTTP GET method, public java.lang.String com.example.MyResource.get02(java.lang.Integer,java.lang.String), should not consume any entity."

2. The resolver's "resolve" method is never executed.

3. The (annotated) parameter the resolver should bind to is null.

I would be thankful for any and all input.