[Jersey] NSIMPL/LinkedHashMap type returned when getting data via Jersey

From: Eric Reagan <>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:26:00 -0400

     I have been trying to create a generic way to return lists and map data
with Jersey. I have followed the tutorial on
I can get Lists of Strings and Integers just fine using the above
method. I can also get back custom classes I create and own just fine.

    However, I have several classes which a supplier of mine gave me. They
only have @XmlType annotations. An example is like below

public class Record

When I try to use Jersey to get a list of records I get a list of NSIMPL
when I do xml or a List of LinkedHashMaps when I use JSON. When I use XML
and cast the NSIMPL as a Node and then re-run it through my JAXBContext
provider, created exactly like the Jersey examples suggest, I get the typed
objects I am looking for.

   I don't understand what I am doing wrong so that when I get a Record type
I get a NSIMPL but when I do String or some other class I made everything
works just fine?

   I was doing a lot of searching and I'm not sure if its related to this
issue I saw on Jira ?

Thank you,
Eric Reagan