[Jersey] Injecting EJBs into Resources

From: <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 10:37:40 +0000 (GMT)

Hi all,

I'm having problems with injecting EJBs into Jersey resource classes on
Glassfish v3.1. I've been scouring mailing lists, forums, and google
search results but havent been able to work out a solution... I'm
thinking it's a bug but it just seems too simple to be a bug :)

I have a simple test case that I'm working with now... I bundled
everything as a war. I have two simple classes, TestResource annotated
as a jersey resource with @Path and TestBean annotated as a stateless
session bean with @Stateless. TestResource attempts to use TestBean
via an injected field annotated with @EJB.

I tried annotating the resource with @ManagedBean and @RequestScoped
and I tried putting a beans.xml in the WEB-INF of the war but when
deployed to glassfish the field is always null. What does seem to work
is annotating the resource with @Stateless to turn it into an EJB...
then the field is not-null and TestEJB's methods are invocable from

Is it supposed to be the case that EJBs can be injected into resources
using the @EJB annotation if the resource class is managed or a CDI
named bean? And if so is there any more than a @Managed annotation or
addition of beans.xml is required? The reason I can't set the resource
as a stateless ejb is because of a different jersey problem... jersey
only seems to be able to load ejbs as resources if the ejbs are in the
same module, but I need to be able to have resources in separate
modules and jersey uses java:module portable jndi names to find the
ejbs for injection which fails when the ejbs are in separate modules :(

If JSF/CDI managed beans as resources are supposed to work with ejb
injection they certainly arent working in a very simple test case I
have ready to submit as a bug.

- Phillip