[Jersey] Implement rest interface through browser

From: John Lister <>
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2011 08:41:10 +0100

Hi, just been following the thread about restful methods of calling an
sproc, and got me thinking. I'd be grateful for your opinions on this

What is the best way to offer a restful interface accessable by a web
browser and also automated clients?

For example say I want to add a resource, the restful way is to use PUT,
which I have no problem with, but say I want to allow that from a html
page which only offer GET/POST for form actions. How would you work
around this, the alternatives seem to be:
- ignore put and just use POST
- implement both and have POST determine the correct action based on a
- use client side (ajax style) scripting to make a PUT call and process
the result

How would you do it?