[Jersey] Re: generating user-readable documentation from Jersey resources

From: Pavel Bucek <>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 10:11:35 +0200

Hello Azad,

unfortunately not, but its great idea! We plan to spend some time on
wadl2java and this might be just another output of that. Can you please
file an RFE?

On 4/22/11 2:02 AM, wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a recommended way of generating human-readable documentation
> for a set of Jersey resources? I have seen the WADL samples. But it
> appears that WADL was designed for machine-consumption.
> What I am looking for is to generate documentation that is perhaps more
> human friendly for client programmers to let them know the structure of
> the expected request and response messages in the application.
> Specifically: A set of Jersey resources receive requests and send
> responses in the body of http messages. The payloads in the messages
> are XML representations of POJOs or collections of POJOs, and the POJOs
> are marked with @XmlRootElement annotations. This is all there is to
> begin with - no source XSD or other descriptions.
> What is a good way of going about creating user-readable documentation
> in this scenario, so that users get detailed information about the
> structure of the requests and responses expected by the Jersey
> resources?
> If WADL is all there is, how can WADL generation be configured to
> produce something like an XSD for the payloads of each request and
> response from just the resources and the annotated POJOs?
You will need to put the xml schema there by yourself, currently we
don't have anything which would generate it on the fly. We might be able
to integrate with JAXBs schemagen (we are going to investigate this way
too), but nothing is done yet. We already have (pretty old :-/ ) RFE for

> Many thanks.
> Azad