[Jersey] Migrating RPC to REST

From: Markus Karg <>
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 14:02:00 +0200

Hello Jersey Community,


we're in the process of migrating some functionality from RPC to REST
and stuck with an issue we'd like to discuss with you. :-)


One of the business procedures we're migrating was implemented as a
stored procedure. It actually did nothing special but just provided a
copy of a rather big amount of records in a single transaction. You can
think of it in terms of SQL as "INSERT FROM SELECT". In JAX-WS's RPC
style it was just wrapped with a method of a @WebService that called the
stored procedure. But how to convert this to a RESTful style in JAX-RS?
Our initial idea was to do a http GET to load the source, then forward
that same XML body to a http POST. Obviously that is RESTful and simple
to do, but it means moving a really, really big bunch of information
twice over the web, just for the sake of RESTfulness (and it would be
two transactions, obviously). Has anybody an idea how to RESTfully model
this use case, so that the data is not transferred at all but we still
can just call the existing stored procedure? The only idea we had would
be doing RPC style, like http post with a Location-header pointing to
the source. But obviously that is not very RESTful.


Any ideas? :-)