[Jersey] Re: Appl logging

From: Pavel Bucek <>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 16:30:14 +0200

Hello Arthur,

Jersey uses standard Java logging, so you should be able to set level
you want for any part of Jersey. And AFAIK GlassFish provide alternate
way how to do it, see Configurations->Server Config->Logger
Settings->Log Levels in admin console.

Good starting point can be setting FINEST to com.sun.jersey.* to see
what is available and filter it afterwards.

And to answer your question - I don't think that this can be somehow set
or overridden by web app code (it doesn't really make sense, logging is
way lower. If you need some debugging output, use Client/Server logging
filter(s) or implement one yourself and put debug info in some special

Hope this is useful for you, if not, don't hesitate to ask again.


On 4/25/11 10:51 PM, Arthur Yeo wrote:
> All,
> Is there a way to configure and change the granularity of logging for
> messages that the application programmer is writing to the GF logs?
> I am looking for ways to fine tune the logging, like the way the
> system internals are doing; i.e. FINE, FINER, SERVER, WARNING etc...
> Is that capability available to appl developers' own code?
> --
> Arthur Y.