[Jersey] Re: Question Regarding Glassfish Client (3.1) and Jersey 1.5

From: Pavel Bucek <>
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 15:55:09 +0200


I already replied to that thread, but only by mail and looks like it
didn't get through. See attachment.

Reproducible testcase would be most appreciated, but it you can't
provide one, I'll create it by myself.


On 4/22/11 3:15 PM, wrote:
> Hi, I just upgraded from Jersey 1.1.4 (A very old version) to Jersey
> 1.5 with GF 3.1. It seems that my old clients are breaking now
> whenever I use any types of application/json or even text/plain (if I
> include the jersey-json library).
> I'm using Low Level support for JSONArray and JSONObjects in my
> exchanges through the request.
> In my web.xml file I'm using:
> com.sun.jersey.spi.container.servlet.ServletContainer
> To map out my restful web services. The web services seem to be
> deployed OK to the server, and can be hit through a URL on the browser.
> However, when I attempt to query them through a stand-alone client (as
> our clients applications do), I receive quite a few exceptions - that
> I can't really resolve.
> I've posted about this here, on the Glassfish Forums, thinking that it
> might have been specific to glassfish (the stack traces are listed at
> the link)
> -15-out-box-client-issues
> My impression is that I'm not establishing my class path correctly,
> however, I've packaged pretty much every jar I can imagine. I've also
> tried downloading Jersey 1.5 separately, and configured this to operate
> with the client - no luck, same errors as above.
> Some googling suggested to me a few things:
> * Try to add mimepull (That really didn't make sense, but I tried it,
> and it didn't work)
> * Try to add jersey multi part (That didn't work either, we aren't
> using multi part requests).
> I've read over the jersey client dependencies section - and seem to be
> on track with that.
> Strangely, it seems that the 1.1.4 jar files work fine
> (jersey-gf-bundle.jar, jsr311-api.jar, jettison.jar) and JSON* items
> are exchanged as expected.
> Any suggestions on these errors or how to complete the upgrade for the
> clients?
> Thanks a lot
> (Sorry if this isn't the correct spot for this post / question)

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