[Jersey] Re: How to catch the response in case of an invalid query paramter

From: Rob - <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 00:29:05 +1030

Too convoluted and not practical.
If you are sending in a STRING when you're expecting an INT then by definition you have a BAD REQUEST.
A BAD REQUEST is a client problem, not a server side one. Therefore, you should just return status code 400 - Bad Request.
Otherwise, you'll be violating well known practices.
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 17:42:40 +0200
Subject: [Jersey] Re: How to catch the response in case of an invalid query paramter

I'm not sure what control you'll have of the response, but you can try create a wrapper class for the parameter:
class IntParam {

  public static IntParam valueOf(String value) {
    // Parse string, try throw a WebApplicationException // with the response in case it fails. If I
    // remember correctly, the response here is // ignored though :/

    ... }}


public MyClass getSomething ( @QueryParam("age") IntParam age) { ...

2011/4/15 Pengfei Di <>

    thanks for the suggestions!


    Yes, I know that I can circumvent the problem by declaring the age
    as String.

    However, I really want to know whether it is possible to declare the
    age as Integer, and then catch the exception or define the response
    by myself.





    On 04/15/2011 05:35 AM, Rob - wrote:
      yep, 400 Bad request is better.


      Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 04:12:53 +0200



      Subject: [Jersey] Re: How to catch the response in case of an
      invalid query paramter


      Or 400 BAD REQUEST, the problem is with the client, not the


      2011/4/15 Rob - <>

            I'd declare "age" as a string and handle the validation
            myself. If error then return a 500 status code.

            No real benefits having "age" declared as integer (to
              my eyes).


> Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 12:42:57 +0200

> From:

> To:

> Subject: [Jersey] How to catch the response in case
              of an invalid query paramter


> Hello,


> I have a very simple GET REST API, which returns
                  something only based on

> the query parameter. For example:

> @GET

> @Path("get")

> public MyClass getSomething ( @QueryParam("age")
                  Integer age);


> As listed above, I specify the parameter type as
                  Integer. However,

> problem occurs when the given parameter cannot be
                  parse to an integer.

> For an instance: if the parameter is set as
                  "age=one" instead of

> "age=1", Jersey server will say "HTTP status 404
                  - Not Found."


> What I want to do is to specify the response by
                  myself, but I have no

> idea where I can do it. Shouldn't Jersey throw an

> NumberFormatException. In fact, it doesn't. :(


> Thanks for any hint

> Pengfei






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