[Jersey] Re: SVN, GIT or MERCURIAL for Jersey 2.0?

From: Marek Potociar <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 15:25:45 +0200

On 04/12/2011 09:00 AM, Markus Karg wrote:
> SVN is the most commonly used version control still, and it is currently
> used in the project without a real need to change.

Apart form the general reasons that I briefly mentioned in my initial email where we anticipate to make our everyday
developer lives easier, we are looking into improving project processes with regard to anticipated transition of the
main development focus from 1.x to 2.x, better user adoption, integration with other projects etc.

As for SVK, I am not familiar with it. Tatu is right that we want to consider primarily well-known choices.


So there should be
> good reasons to change. The sole reason I understand from the original
> posting is the wish for distribution. SVK provides exactly this. It is
> an extension to SVN that adds distribution. So it is the most obvious
> choice, since it keeps SVN but just adds the wanted functionality. The
> learning curve is a joke as it just adds very few commands ontop of SVN.
> GIT and HG enforce everybody to change to GIT or HG, even those pretty
> happy with SVN. I do not see why everybody should learn GIT or HG if the
> same could be done easily with a simple SVN extension.
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> Subject: [Jersey] Re: SVN, GIT or MERCURIAL for Jersey 2.0?
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Markus Karg <>
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>> I'd vote to stick with SVN. But why not trying SVK?
> I think team is trying to choose from the obvious candidates, ones
> that are most used.
> So perhaps you could expand on why SVK should be considered over more
> well-known choices?
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