Re: unable to use the jaxb2-basics plugin

From: John G. Lussmyer <Cougar_at_CasaDelGato.Com>
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2011 06:16:22 -0700

On 9/8/2011 10:49 PM, Aleksei Valikov wrote:
> Hi,
>>>> Is there any way to exclude certain fields?
>>> Yes, see here:
>> From looking at the source for the ToString strategy, it appears to be
>> possible to make it use short class names.
>> How?
>> I haven't found any docs on that.
> I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
> XJC CodeModel manages the imports itself, the plugins do not have much
> influence on that. So whether it will be local or fully-qualified
> class name depends on XJC and a bit of luck.

The code for the JAXBToStringStrategy has a field for
"useShortClassNames". There is a getter/setter for this field.
I just don't know how to have this field set from the XML that
originally caused the toString() methods to be generated.