jaxb2-commons CVS is now added to jaxb2-commons project and converted to Subversion

From: Edward Bratt <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 20:52:59 -0800

We're happy to report the migration of CVS projects of wave 2 migration
are now live with the new hosting tool suite, Kenai. This wiki
details the complete list of projects which have been migrated so far.

This project repository has been converted to Subversion and added to
the existing jaxb2-commons project.
The jaxb2-commons CVS archive is available at

The new project URL is:
The Subversion repository URLs can be found at
User ID/Password authentication as well as SSH credentials are supported.

These projects have all their Kenai features enabled and,

    * E-mail is now enabled and the archives are loaded,
    * Users and roles are fully imported for each project,
    * Each site's Jira dashboard is at:
      <> -- for example: You can work with Jira as
      your project requires.
    * By default, projects are migrated to the Kenai project site look &
      feel. Each project must enable their web-site as described in the
      glassfish-migration wiki <>.
      Project owners are responsible for applying the new GlassFish
      theme. We're ready to help if you need any additional support.

Additionally, ALL migrated e-mail lists are now live and, you can resume
using them to communicate with your project community members. Messages
are being archived, but you won't be able to browse through the archives
until the project repositories are enabled. I will send a similar update
to all project aliases.

One caveat is that projects which used the ProjectDocumentList servlet
storage (Documents & files) from Collabnet do not yet have these files
migrated. We will send another notice, once this is completed. You can
check yourself by browsing to:[PROJECT-ID].
If your project used this feature, this will be created when the files
are migrated.

Please report any web-site issues, to the respective project owners and,
give them some time to get everything updated for the new site. Please
let me know if you suspect any data import issues. Please remember, the
UI may be showing you the data in a form that is different from the
Collabnet suite of tools.

There is extensive help for the Kenai tool suite
<>. You'll find help links on
most pages.
We are managing a wiki for GlassFish specific progress and issues
If you need assistance with GlassFish migration topics, send e-mail to
You can use the Kenai Forums <> for Kenai Q & A
with the Kenai development team.

We will post further wiki updates as more projects are enabled.

Thank you for your patience and continued contributions to the GlassFish

Ed Bratt & The GlassFish migration team