From: Aleksei Valikov <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 11:55:24 +0100


I've moved my generic plugins and tools to jaxb2-commons. There are no releases
yet (documentation pending), but the code is there together with the Maven2
build, tests and so on.

I've checked in my JAXB2 tools, testing package, basic plugins (ToString,
HashCode, Equals, Cloneable), my new Annotate plugin as well as a test suite.

This is essentially the implementation of the ideas I've posted a couple of
months ago:

Apart from my plugins, what I provide within jaxb2-commons right now is:

1. Good build system.
2. JAXB2 tools which ease your life as JAXB2 (plugin) developer.
3. Test suite allowing for unit-testing plugins (debug them, trace them).
4. Test suite to create test projects for test scenarios (create a real-life
project that actually uses your plugin).

What is missing right now is documentation:

1. Maven/Ant/Command line usage of plugins.
2. Guidelines on:
        * Plugin documentation.
        * Distribution management
3. Tools and testing suite.

After this is done, I'll invite plugin developer to join my initiative (i.e.
integrate their plugins into this build or let me do the integration, how they