[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Should null values in client entity variant overwrite Content-* headers?

From: Bill Burke <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:52:00 -0500

On 11/8/2013 4:47 PM, Marek Potociar wrote:
> On 08 Nov 2013, at 17:31, Bill Burke <> wrote:
>> Its not covered by the TCK as we pass the TCK :)
>> But, you're changing the behavior of Variant post spec release. Thought that was a no-no?
> Am I? All I am suggesting is that if the Variant field contains null, then this null value should not override any existing header previously set by the user in the client request. My suggestion is based on the fact that relevant javadoc is not strict in that respect. Please point me to the part of the spec I'm changing and I reconsider (and most likely take back) my proposal.

Didn't you point it out yourself? The Javadoc in any of the Invoker
methods states:

      * Any variant-related HTTP headers previously set
(namely {_at_code Content-Type},
      * {_at_code Content-Language} and {_at_code
Content-Encoding}) will be overwritten using
      * the entity variant information.

Bill Burke
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