JAX-RPC request timeout

From: <>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 12:50:46 +0200

JAX-RPC states itself as "Production Quality" service, but has no
possibility to specify http request timeouts in web service client side.
We have chosen this implementation as it has good performance, and is
supported by sun application server 8.2, but this lack of such important
feature is really show stopper.
If some external web service hangs or stops - our whole system also hangs
because no request timeout can occur and all threads hang trying to call
hanging web service.

I have looked at sources and found that this functionality is implemented
in JAX-WS class,
but is missing in JAX-RPC implementations class

Can we expect that this feature will be implemented some day?
If no, can we download JAX-RPC source code, add this functionality by
ourselves and use it internally for commercial use (we have sun jes
support license)?

I have found several forum posts without an answer on the same topic: