unwrapped doc/lit wsi - missing classes

From: Chris Nappin <>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 22:01:00 +0100


  I'm using the JWSDP wscompile Ant task in "import" mode to generate a
JAX-RPC mapping and all the interface types for a wrapped document/literal
service defined in WSDL (attached).

However when I pass the feature flags "unwrap, wsi" not all the interface
types are generated? The classes that correspond to the "wrapper" elements
aren't generated. However references to them are included in the JAX RPC
mapping file.

This doesn't sound like a problem, after all the wrapper element aren't
referenced in my service or client code? However when I deploy my code to
some application servers, I get errors about missing binding classes, and
the code doesn't work. When raising this with the vendor they quote one of
the Java WS JSRs that requires a JAX-RPC binding for every type in a WSDL
file (even anonymous wrapper types), and that every class mentioned in the
JAX-RPC binding must exist and does get used, which sounds fair.

If I just use the "unwrap" feature flag, then all the java classes _are_
generated. However my WSDL is no longer being validated against the WS-I
Basic Profile. I'm not sure what other change this might make?

Am I using JWSDP wrongly, I haven't seen any documentation to state that
"unwrap" and "wsi" are mutually exclusive (but plenty of documentation
suggesting to use them together)?

This behaviour happens on JWSDP 1.6 and 2.0.

Any advice, solutions or support gratefully received!

Chris Nappin.