Re: jax-rpc FastInfoSet

From: ramesh mandava <Ramesh.Mandava_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:25:47 -0800

Hi Amit:
   This was the known bug in JWSDP 1.6. This is fixed as part of JWSDP
2.0, which is now available at

If you have to use JWSDP 1.6 for some reason then you can update jaxrpc
& fastinfoset jars in JWSDP 1.6 with the jars in JWSDP 2.0. You can do
this by downloading JWSDP 2.0 and selecting No-Container installation to
  get access to the jars in JWSDP 2.0

Please let me know if you need any more help regarding this.


> Hi all,
> I am using jax-rpc / jwsdp-1.6 to create web services.
> Even though I haven't switched on the infoset, I am still getting fast
> infoset encoding response. So if any one of you have solution for this
> and please help me.
> Thanks,
> Amit Soni
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