Re: Error serialisation registration need

From: Kathy Walsh <Kathleen.Walsh_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 16:16:08 -0500


It sounds like the web service client is a DII or DynamicProxy one.
In jax-rpc 1.1 DII or DynamicProxy clients are meant to be used
with very simple types and rpc/encoded web services.
You would need to register a serializer/deserializer for your
bean and add it to the clients TypeMappingRegistry- Writing a custom
is tedious and we discourage this approach.

For a javabean you should use a static stub client. Better yet, switch to
the jaxws implementation.


henry human wrote:

>I ' m trying to write a web service.
>The Web service has a methode, which return an object
>as return value. The User object has properties
>like name, age, ........
>Now when i try to invoke theis object on the client
>i becom this error:
>No serialization registers for (class
>packageName.User, zero)
>Know somebody what this error means?
>My class User has a structure like a beean.
>It means only getter and setter methods.
>Is it possible to register an object like this in
>the Container or somewhere else (f. e in wsdl file)?
>I'm using sun application server.
>I am grateful, if someone can help me here
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