RE: WSDL > Java or Java > WSDL

From: Kevin Jones <>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 07:17:20 +0100

The problem with the Java->WSDL approach is that you can design code/objects
that either do not inter-operate well or do not distribute well, because of
this you *should* always use the WSDL->Java approach. The major drawback of
starting with WSDL is one of tooling. Starting with Java (or C#, VB/Net, .)
is easy because we are all familiar with the environment and the language,
whereas WSDL is complicated and there are not many good tools that let us
create and manage WSDL. One solution to this is to start with Java, create
the initial WSDL to get the 'outline', then throw away the Java and work
solely at the WSDL level,


Kevin Jones


From: Fraser Crichton []
Sent: 07 September 2005 02:50
Subject: WSDL > Java or Java > WSDL



I've recently read a lot of best practice articles that suggests generating
Java artefacts from WSDL is the best approach to creating code for web
services. However, I've also heard that most people do not do this in
practice and still rely on the Java > WSDL approach. I'm trying to get an
idea of if there is anybody out there using the WSDL > Java approach and
what problems / issues people have with this?



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