Re: Callback Handler only being called once.

From: David Sharp <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:41:39 -0500

I agree it *should* be called on every invocation, however it is not. From
running my program through the debugger, on the first service call I'm
seeing a PrefixNamespaceMappingCallback, then a UsernameCallback, and then a
PasswordCallback. On subsequent service calls, I see only the

Is this is an issue with jwsdp-1.5? I'm currently in a situation where
upgrading to 1.6 is not an option because the environment is shared with
other web applications that have not been tested with 1.6.


On 9/27/05, V B Kumar Jayanti <> wrote:
> If you have configured a <xwss:UsernameToken/> policy in the security
> configuration then the CallbackHandler should always be called on every
> invocation of the method servicePing.