Re: passing properties via deployment descriptors to a JAX-RPC service developed using the EJB model

From: trebor iksrazal <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 16:54:22 -0700 (PDT)

Try to clarify what you are trying to accomplish.

1) Handlers can be client side or servier side.

Either way, you can do:

 public void init(HandlerInfo config)
    Map configProps = config.getHandlerConfig();

2) On the client side you pass a map into the

HashMap handlerConfig;
//add ClientHandler to chain of events
      java.util.List list =

The syntax is a little different between axis/jwsdp.

3) Server side, I only know how to do it with axis,
via a *.wsdd file:

 <handler name="ServiceHandler"
    <parameter name="scope" value="session"/>
    <parameter name="className"
    <parameter name="host" value="xtrans"/>
    <parameter name="verbose" value="off"/>

Host and Verbose get placed into HandlerConfig on

4) Only the handler itself can view these properties,
without hacking them into a messageContext --> xml
---> put vars --> messageContext transformation. The
Web Service itself, AFIK, cannot view these

5) Using a SessionBean as your WebService class does
not change any of the above steps.


--- Mark Hansen <> wrote:

> I'm packaging a JAX-RPC web service as SessionBean
> according the the
> JAX-RPC 1.1 / JSR-109 specifications.
> I'd like to pass some properties to the SessionBean
> via the
> javax.xml.rpc.handler.MessageContext instance that
> is available via
> SessionContext.getMessageContext().
> Can I do this, or is the only way to set properties
> in the
> MessageContext via a JAX-RPC handler?
> If I can't do this, what is "best practice" for
> passing properties into
> a JAX-RPC web service deployed as SessionBean and
> deployed on a servlet
> container based JAX-RPC runtime system?
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