RE: Re: XWS problem

From: Sels Wannes <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 15:24:58 +0200

We got a few steps further now


I had to modify the wsdl (and impl code) of the simple sample because
our client didn't like all the refs. I've imported the client's
certificate in server-keystore.jks and the CA cert in
server-truststore.jks . Also our client uses MSXML 5.0 xmldsig api,
which needs the Id attribute on the soap:body, whereas the server still
needs the wsu:Id (not a major problem though).


Now unfortunately the signature verification fails
(<faultstring>com.sun.xml.wss.WssSoapFaultException: Signature
verification failed </faultstring>). The certificate in the request is
the correct one, and I can't imagine the Microsoft or Sun/Apache xml
digital signature library having a bug in their implementation, since
I've seen quite a few interoperability demo's between them. Now I'm
hoping this is a configuration issue where the server can't find the
client certificate or establish the chain, or something similar. Am I



Wannes Sels




From: V B Kumar Jayanti [mailto:Vbkumar.Jayanti_at_Sun.COM]
Sent: woensdag 6 juli 2005 13:51
Subject: Re: XWS problem


another way to get rid of this problem is to create an endorsed
directory under <JDK1.4.X>/jre/lib, and

copy <jwsdp.home>/jaxp/lib/* <JDK1.4.X>/jre/lib/endorsed
copy <jwsdp.home>/jaxp/lib/endorsed/* <JDK1.4.X>/jre/lib/endorsed

and restart your server.


V B Kumar Jayanti wrote: