Issues with "wsimport" and classpath

From: Charlie Collins <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:33:10 -0400

I am trying to setup an example (and then possibly contribute more
code and documentation if help is needed, once I get up to speed)
using the latest docs per CVS HEAD.

I am using information directly from jaxws-ri/docs/wsimport.html. I
am using my own simplified (attempting to) ant build file and looking
at "common-targets.xml" from the samples/fromjava example.

In both cases I get "[wsimport] error: -classpath is an invalid option
or argument". And if I try without classpath of course I get many
classpath related issues.

Straight up from the samples/fromjava

"ant server" - works fine
"ant client" - "[wsimport] error: -classpath is an invalid option or argument"

I get the exact same results in my own build process which was written
using the "tools" docs, similar to but not exactly the same as, the

I apologize for pestering anyone about stuff thats not even released
yet, just wanted to inquire as to whether or not I might still be
missing something?