Re: Handler problems

From: Edoardo Causarano <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 18:36:59 +0200

At the moment I use a remote call to login, initialize and populate
an HttpSession. All methods that refer to the Session data have to
initialize local variables and check for the session validity. I'd
like to put all this in the message context and place a single check
in a Handler.
I also have other methods that I originally defined in different
ports but had to dump in a single one as they wouldn't share
HttpSessions and I'm not very happy with this solution.
I'd also like to zip the attachments without polluting the WSDL so
I'd like to put a handler that transparently does the comp/
docompression for me.

With Axis Handlers were quite straightforward, but I can't seem to
get the jwsdp dialect ;-) Is there some detailed documentation on the
difference you pointed out?


Il giorno 06/giu/05, alle ore 18:14, trebor iksrazal ha scritto:

> Do you want the Handler to intercept the
> request/response on the client machine/container, the
> request/response on the server machine/container, or
> both?
> If its the client or both, you need code similair to
> what you are doing.
> If its the server/both, you need a configuartion file
> that the web service itself uses during configuration.
> In this case, you would _not_ call HandlerRegistry,
> because its encapsulated from the client.
> Keep in mind there are reasons to have a client/both
> architecture, such as to digitally sign/encrypt the
> data the client is sending to the web service, or log
> all client traffic, etc.
> iksrazal