Re: xsd:choice support

From: Doug Kohlert <>
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 08:41:34 -0700

JAXRPC 2.0 EA does support <xsd:choice>, you can download it and try it

The 1.x version should have probably mapped the enclosing type to
SOAPElement instead of giving an error.
Sounds like a bug.
The only workaround that I can think of (aside from JAXRPC 2.0 or not
using xsd:choice) is to turn off databinding in JAXRPC by using the
-f:nodatabinding option. You could then in theory use JAXB to marshall
objects to/from the

Alessio Cervellin wrote:

>Hi all.
>As far as I can see it seems that wscompile (of JWSDP 1.5) doesn't support the <xsd:choice> element.
>My questions are:
>1) is there a reason for that? According to the WS-I BP1.0 specifications it should be supported (AFAIK)
>2) is there any equivalent syntax to replace in a WSDL which uses the above element?
>3) if not, are there any other workaround to use it?
>Note: Axis does support it... :P
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